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SHU☆ZO ([personal profile] amatelast) wrote 2017-06-13 12:48 am (UTC)


aka how one becomes a crystal fog goth

- all the crystals are the same color as the blue ones he's wearing in the cadenza art. they're not real sapphires or anything-- actually, they're worthless-- but they are very pointy (and polished). only in the required areas bc i'm a weak coward

- skin is even paler and has more of a marble-type appearance/feel, with iridescent rainbow-y veins instead of the standard black. more subtle than his hair tho.

- long, pointed ears + troll fur = fuzzy ears, same color as his normal fur, though considerably thinner/lower on the head since we went with base human lol

- black claws means never having to paint your nails again

- only two horns, modeled after the poor guy from amatelast that didn't ever get a consistent design (tfw); they're the same color as his skin, with crystals near the ends that look like they're hanging off the bottom.

- "a tail, which can resemble pretty much any animal." well my dudes it's the exact same as before, his only solace

- extra set of eyes are on the outer part of his shoulders, surrounded by crystals. its a good look

- slow descent into gothdom (does this count as a mental change)

- also picking up the aggressive nature for sure.

i will draw this eventually*, this is just so i dont forget my plans
* no guarantees

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