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what else do you need to know

Show by Rock!! is a musical idol franchise from Sanrio (yes) about furries who are sometimes people. The setting of SB69 (yes.) is MIDICITY, one of the biggest metropolises of Sound Planet, located in the Sound Cosmos... you see where this is going.

MIDICITY is populated entirely by myumon, who are animal-like creatures with a culture based around the love and veneration of music. Myumon have a unique biology in that their heart and soul is actually a solid crystal called a melodisian. Melodisians respond to powerful music, both positively and negatively, and any corruption or damage to one also causes its owner physical pain. Melodisians are also used as currency, as a power source, and can be mined from the earth, in a prime example of how Sanrio did not think too critically about their own work but haha we sure have. It's fine. Probably.

Moving on; myumon exist simultaneously as people with animal features and actual, tiny furries. At no point are the changes between depictions consistently acknowledged in universe, so we can only speculate. Once again, it's probably fine. Myumon are also not necessarily limited to being animals... the rules are fairly fast and loose, in the end.

Shu☆zo himself is currently the hottest idol in MIDICITY, the frontman of the band Trichronika. The galactic prince with the voice of an angel (ugh), Shu☆zo is the primary vocalist and guitarist of his dreamy space-and-rainbows themed band, as well as the lyricist and composer of all their songs. (The twins that play bass and drums for him are largely decoration, in terms both of relevance and personality, sadly.) His goal is to be the number one ☆ idol in the galaxy, and he'll do whatever it takes to get there.

BACKTAGGING.  Love it! My schedule is pretty restrictive on certain days of the week, so this is an inevitability.
THREADJACKING.  Love it too. Zero objections.
OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS.  N/A. In the unlikely event that something comes up, I'll let you know.

FLIRTING/ETC.  Likely to indulge in banter, unlikely for anything past that. Sky's the limit if you aren't concerned about the outcome.
FIGHTING/ETC.  I'd like prior discussion for any lasting damage, which does extend to death! Otherwise, have at it.
TELEPATHY/ETC.  Please yes but also let me know so we can hash out the details. Shu☆zo's actions and thoughts/emotions are usually at considerable odds with each other, so the results are guaranteed to be a bit spicy.

I hate Trichronika's music. It sucks. Goddamn, dude. (Amatelast's song is much better in the full cut.)

Please don't feel obligated to add the star in his name for tags and the like! I'll be keeping it in as unfortunately that's the character I signed up to play, but by no means should anyone else have to follow suit.